‘Living Red Carpet’ dress designed by WEPdesigns for Farrington Entertainment & Productions in Las Vegas. Costume was created and fabricated at Imagination Costume Las Vegas. WEPdesigns.com

This is something that I designed and created  for Farrington Entertainment & Productions and Imagination Costume. It is a ‘Living Red Carpet’ dress. The idea is that the red carpet leading into an event, grand opening, or other special gathering is actually the train of a women’s red dress. This design took the idea a bit further, but adding LED illumination to not only the edges of the red carpet run, but bring them up onto the model as well. This dress is available to rent for you next special event, or grand opening from the Farrington Entertainment & Production company in Las Vegas, NV. 702-362-3096. More images can be seen by clicking the Facebook icon at the top of the page, in the ‘albums’ section.

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