ABOUT ME and some COMMENTS from others:

I am the Costume Designer and creator at WEPdesigns. I am a classically trained theatrical Designer with an M.F.A. in both Costume and Scenic Design from Carnegie Mellon University ’95.

To me, the role that the costume plays, in helping to create a character in whatever “story is being told”, or to be a supporting role in creating an image or ‘world’ in an entertainers’ performance is extremely exciting!

I enjoy collaborating with a team to “tell a story” in theatrical productions, film, or to  help in creating that visual experience for a an individual performer or musician. I’ve had the pleasure to design many different kinds of productions:  theatrical musicals, dramatic works, comedies, period concepts as well as contemporary/modern dress interpretations.

Another passion lies in designing and creating custom theatrical apparel – stage wear, individual costumes, and special occasion designs for private clients.  Along with the garment, I’m also able to fabricate head pieces and costume accessories to accompany and accent the entire look.

Edgy ‘rock and roll’ stage wear, and fantasy themes are personal favorites for me, but I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with a client to come up with a design that embodies their own personal uniqueness. Wether it is personal ‘everyday’ clothing, or performance wear, I can assist in bringing ideas into reality!

With all my projects, I obsess with the details, to me they are the difference in something being wonderful, and something being AMAZING!

This site is an ongoing, developing project, so I invite you to look around and view the different images of my Costume Designs, both realized and conceptual illustrations, along with my Jester soft-sculpture dolls. These have been some of my favorites through the years and I believe they show I have a wide range of styles as a designer. I hope to hear from you about being a part of your next production or creating a custom look for you.

To view more albums of designs and what I am currently working on in my studio, please visit my Facebook design page by simply clicking on the Facebook icon at the top of the page.


“Wendy is amazing and always makes everything better than I thought possible. She’s very talented and can do so many different styles. I highly recommend her!!!” – Jeremy Spencer – Five Finger Death Punch


Wendy is fantastic to work with for our custom projects.  She brings to each design a global aesthetic that translates the directors vision into a dynamic costume design.– Noreen Roberts, President – Creative Costuming & Designs, Inc.


“Working with Wendy has been a very positive and successful experience.  She has a great work ethic, produces designs on time, communicates consistently and delivers beautiful designs!” Chad Kohlmier, Production Manager – Creative Costuming & Designs, Inc.


“Through almost 40 years spent in the world of creativity, both on stage and behind cameras, I have had the chance to meet talented people, hardworking people, some humble and others totally committed to the project that I was developing at the time. But people who possess all these qualities at once are quite rare. Wendy Eberhardt-Petrick is one of them, and I deeply thank her for this amazing opportunity that we had to work together”.–  J-P Loppo Martinez,


“Wendy is AMAZING!  We hired her as our costume designer for a recent project and we were blown away.  Her enthusiasm, her talent, she is the consummate professional.  If you can work with her, do it, you will not be disappointed.”
– Adam Kilbourn - President, Black Raven Films
“Quality craftsmanship constructed to last.
I found Wendy on the inter-web and contacted her to construct a replica of a Kentucky Colonel Uniform. There was limited material reference to guide her. Most of the information she had was the text from a minutes meeting held in the early 1930’s describing what the uniform was to look like. She did an absolutely amazing job recreating every aspect of the uniform. Wendy was always very professional with keeping me up to date with the process. I truly appreciated the time she took to acquire the most appropriate materials and her dedicated integrity to delivering a quality product.” - Col. K. Urban


“To whom it may concern : Wendy is one of the best costume designers I have ever had the pleasure to work with and thats true because its a pleasure to work with her. I sent her my measurements from Los Angeles through the mail and in a few weeks she had made a period piece and quite elaborate costume that I slid into and it fit like a glove. This was with no fittings at all. She made it when we were in different states!!!! I dont know alot of people who could do that. Her demeanor is up and bubbly and she is a real pleasure to be with and to work with. It doesnt get any better than this folks!JUSTICE HOWARD - Photographer Justice Howard


“Wendy is professional, very creative and extremely detail oriented. We recently collobrated on a project together and her design was unbelieveably exceptional. I was very impressed with her efforts and I am not easily impressed. I look forward to working with her again. She is an “A” list artist who I have no problem recommending.” - Jim Sacca, Professional Make-up Artist, Jim Sacca Make-up


“Wendy recently worked with me on a unique and challenging design and construction project that required a talented seamstress, and an ability to commit wholeheartedly to an unusual project. She met every challenge. I never doubted her commitment or abilities, and she was a joy to work with.
She is at the very top of my list to hire again.”   Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity –
Diana Eden – Costume Designer


“Wendy Eberhardt-Petrick is a complete joy to work with!  Having worked with Wendy for over two years at the St. Louis Community College at Meramec Theatre, as well as in many St. Louis professional theatres, I have been able to see examples of scenic design, costumes and scenic painting that are nothing less than stunning…  Her enthusiasm, imagination and talent open up countless expressive possibilities, and her personality and dedication make artistic collaboration extremely enjoyable.  I can truly say that, in my past 24 years as a theatrical educator and professional, I count Wendy as one of my absolute favorite people to work with, and would love to have the opportunity to do so again!”- Darren Thompson, Scenic and Lighting Designer,
“I’ve worked with Wendy and had such an extraordinary experience with her I recommend her work highly. Her sketches were ambitious designs that embodied the theme and style of our event potently & brilliantly. The execution of the garment was beyond expectation. Flawless craftsmanship in every stitch and was even more striking in person than on paper. In addition, Wendy herself is simply lovely. She is a warm and talented woman, I felt like I was collaborating with an old friend even though it was the first time we had met. I adore her both as a designer and a person and couldn’t be more confident in recommending her.”  (Circus Couture, Las Vegas, NV) – Erica Linz: President and Artistic Director of  Circus Couture.