Circus Couture 2011, ‘Revolution’ design rendering –

This is a design created for Circus Couture. The theme to draw inspiration from this year – ‘Revolution’, whatever that word brings to mind. This is my interpretation – my entry.

The red fabric is a lovely red plaid. The ‘turnback’ reveal fabric and cuffs is an off-white, diamond patterned brocade, and the billowing fabric train is a white crinkle shimmer chiffon. The brocade is also used to create  the ‘rays’ in the collar and tail of the jacket. The pant is made of 2 different patterns  printed on satin spandex, with a touch of the plaid brought in.

I knew I wanted red incorporated somehow. I also knew I wanted to have a ‘nod’ to the circus in it just for me. I wanted high contrast, and a graphic element. So the red culminated into the jacket as a draw from ‘the red coats’ from the American Revolution, and with that the military style buttons. This also held a little ‘circus’ in it for me as it has a hint of ‘Ring Leader’ to it with the stylized tuxedo tails. The oversized a-symetrical collar became the pallet for my graphic elements which also helped work in more contrast in the design. The fist was an image I was drawn to by it’s simplicity and it’s strong symbolism. As a graphic element I felt it screamed revolution better than any other I could think of. The multi-print black and white spandex pant, was also a draw from the light colored pant of the British, but was another opportunity for me to pull in some ‘circus’. I added a surprise of the red plaid in the construction of the pant to tie the two elements together. The military buttons are featured at the calf to further pull the military influence into the pant.

The design has been chosen as one of 15 designs to walk the runway at this year’s event being held at the Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on June 26th, 2011.

Haute Couture – ‘Revolution’ – my style

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