Jester in studio – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

This Jester is 3 feet tall. It wears a traditional 3 point jester’s hat made of blue satin and a rose patterned gold fabric. The band is created with a 1/4″ two-toned gold decorative rope on either side of a .5″ piece of burgundy trim. Each tip of the hat is adorned with 5 beads suspending a coin, to create a tassle of sorts, with a brass bell and a double ribbon bow. The cowl is a burgundy satin with a gold and blue trim at the face edge. At the neck, this Jester has a ruff made of 3″ gold and burgundy wire edged ribbon. The doublet, or top, is a deep red damask fabric with a leafy scroll pattern. The cap sleeves are black velvet with a 1″ purple and gold decorative ribbon cuff. The center front detail is a 3″ gold and burgundy velvet ribbon with a gold accent trim top-stitched down the center of the burgundy velvet.  The peplums, or tabs, are a deep purple velvet with 2 rows of top-stitched decorative trim detailing. At the wrists, there are cuffs made of a 2″ gathered gold mesh ribbon with 2 layers of lace sewn to the hand side edge. The pumpkin hose, or shorts, are black velvet with a 1″ decorative red and gold metallic ribbon cuff. This doll has burgundy satin for both shoes and they are embellished with a brass bell and double ribbon bow at the tip. At the ankle there is a ruffle made of a 3″metallic  gold ribbon gathered in the center. The arms and legs are made with a black and white harlequin diamond patterned Michael Miller cotton fabric with muslin hands and face. The knee and elbow joints are sandwiched between 2 fabric covered soft discs with 2 accent buttons. The facial features are needle sculpted with applied embroidered eyes and eyebrows.