“Love, and Work and Other Four Letter Words”

This was a freelance Costume Design that I also built. It was an original script, and this was the first time it had been produced. It was done for That Uppity Theater Company in St. Louis, MO and performed at the St. Marcus Theater. This design was a surreal take on day-to-day activities and the happenings of one woman as visited from a dreamlike state. From the office at work, to the nuns at church, to the gynecologist office, the silhouettes were exaggerated, and the essences of things were over scaled as these things were revealed and examined in a dreamlike/nightmarish outline. The set design was done by a local artist and the scenery became a canvas to feature his abstract artistic style. The costumes in front of the scenery had a an unbalanced/off-kilter effect. It was a ‘dark comedy’ so the end result was just right  😉