The Track, feature film……Costume Design by Wendy Eberhardt-Petrick


Set in Las Vegas, THE TRACK is the story of BARBIE, an underage prostitute who crosses paths with CAREN, a suburban woman who’s down on her luck. The result is a newfound friendship that blossoms into a mother-daughter bond. In each other, Barbie and Caren find a new family and a second chance.

  • “The Track” is adapted from a short film by the same title. The short film played film festivals across the country including the Boston International Film Festival, the Sonoma International Film Festival and the Women’s International Film & Arts Festival.
  • Starring
    Missy Yager, Mariah Kirstie and Sam Trammell.
  • Directed By
    Brett Caroline Levner
  • Written By
    Brett Caroline Levner & Matthew J McCue
  • Screenplay By
    Brett Caroline Levner & Matthew J McCue
  • Produced By
    Domenica Castro, May May Luong, Matthew J McCue & Steve Sole.

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