Cherry Crocodile “Crocodoll”, 2013 Circus Couture Signature runway design-


Originally, “Crocodoll” was designed and created for Circus Couture’s charity event – “86 Peculiar Place”, October 27th 2012.

THESE images are from 2013 in which I included it – with a few modifications – as one of my pieces in my 8 piece,  ‘signature collection’ at Circus Couture’s charity event – “Possession(s)”, December 8th, 2013 at the Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas NV.

“Crocodoll” – is a 4 piece ensemble. The headpiece is a black faux crocodile skull cap with a mohawk of brown faux leather spikes with brass tips. The long coat is made of a candy apple red faux crocodile fabric. It has metal scales individually sewn onto shoulders and arms, with a variety of brass studs at the shoulders. The wing section is removable, and lightweight. The bra top is covered in black faux leather and accented with the same candy apple faux crocodile fabric as the jacket. It is heavily studded in brass. The g-string is also covered in the black faux crocodile and studded in brass. The fingers are also embellished with claws covered in black stones, and the middle finger features a knife claw. This beautiful costume is VERY detail oriented and was designed, patterned and completely fabricated by WEPdesigns.

The lovely model is Sherise Marie.

Makeup by Angie Lum.

Professional photography by Shane O’Neal and Leirivera.

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